Do you need SEO and Social Media help in Devon?

PlaneTalking is a Digital Marketing Agency based just outside Torquay in Torbay and Newton Abbot in Devon. We are specialists in Social Media Marketing (SMM), SEO Services and Website Management.

We work with businesses of any size and from any background. Over the years we have worked with hotels, hospitality companies, the automotive industry and for medical, food and retail businesses. Located on the outskirts of Torbay, we work companies across the UK and as far away as Austalia.

Social Media is our thing! And our services will help you grow in your industry sector especially if you are on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Don’t worry if you are not on LinkedInTwitter or Facebook as we can set it all up for you.

Social Media Management

We’ll tweet 3 to 4 times a day on Twitter, at least five days a week and/or 2 posts per day for at least five days a week for your Facebook and/or LinkedIn pages.

Our content writers research industry specific information as well as writing content based on a Business Profile that you complete, information on your website and anything relevant our team can find.

All content is scheduled at least 7 days ahead and you have the ability to review, edit, delete and add more to the content that we have prepared, including scheduling in your own images.

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SEO Services for your Business

It’s simple – decide on how many key word phrases you would like to improve your ranking and leave the rest to us.

No Contract! You can decide to cancel at any time.

You don’t have to be in Torbay, Newton Abbot or Exeter – we can help your SEO whereever you are in the world!

Effective SEO – Guaranteed

Tracking Results

Once you are on board our control panel will track the search engine ranking for you every day. You can log in any time.

With each Foundation Phrase SEO Package we will provide:
  • In depth competitor analysis
  • Onpage HTML optimisation
  • Ongoing link building
  • Client control panel
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Natural, organic link sources
  • Links added at optimal rate
 SEO Key PhrasesCost Per Month
One Key Phrase£192
Two Key Phrases£259
Three Key Phrases£326
Four Key Phrases£383
Five Key Phrases£451
Six Key Phrases£518
Seven Key Phrases£575
Eight Key Phrases£643

These prices are for the core keywords, the SEO campaign will affect the overall visibility of the target website in Google, and we not only track these core phrases for you (in your own beautiful online dashboard) but also any long tail keywords we can find.


Every campaign will have extra keywords being tracked. About 50% of the campaigns we work on have 10-50 additional keywords, and around 20% of campaigns have hundreds of long tail phrases that we can demonstrate moving upwards in Google nicely each month!

FREE Social Media Control Panel – Try it!

Manage and post to all, several or just one social media account.

Post to Twitter, Facebook (inc Pages and Groups), Linkedin (inc Pages) and Pinterest

You can have full statistics on individual posts, schedule one post  to multiple accounts, 42+ image templates, content research tool and much much more.

Give it a try – it’s free to use and there is no contract!

The PRO version is just £15 per month or £126 per year.

Our Social Media Help Packages


Twitter 3 – 4 Daily Tweets  – Facebook 2 Daily Posts – LinkedIn 2 Daily Posts

One Platform

  • No Setup Fee
  • No Contract
  • Stats Package
  • 3 weekly Image posts/tweets*

Any Two Platforms

  • No Setup Fee
  • No Contract
  • Stats Package
  • 3 weekly Image posts/tweets*

Any Three Platforms

  • No Setup Fee
  • No Contract
  • Stats Package
  • 3 weekly Image posts/tweets*

* Not currently available for LinkedIn

These social media packages provide the ideal social media help for you and your business Providing regular content when your staff are to busy, ill or on holiday.